Fishing Details

We offer the best salmon fishing and sportfishing off the Northern California Coastline and in the San Franciso Bay. In addition to salmon fishing charters, we also run party boat fishing charters and Chinook (King) Salmon.  When the salmon are running, we do everything we can to get you out to the fish and get them into the boat.

Northern California often offers the best Chinook (King) Salmon fishing today!  We do everything we can to get you out to the fish and get them on the boat.

About Captain Todd:

Captain Todd Magaline began fishing at an early age off Long Island, New York. He has been fishing off the Northern California coast for over 30 years. He shares his sportfishing expertise aboard the beautifully refurbished Blue Runner, berthed in Sausalito. Captain Todd believes in having a good time as well as a successful trip, which makes sportfishing, touring and partying aboard the Blue Runner a truly enjoyable experience.

About the Blue Runner:
The newly refurbished 43’ US Coast Guard certified Blue Runner is a DELTA, commonly regarded as one of the most stable charter boats ever built with fine creature comforts and the best electronics money can buy!

Please purchase your fishing license in advance online: BUY FISHING LICENSE.

We depart from Sausalito, go under the Golden Gate Bridge, and often travel as far as 25 miles - north to Point Reyes, west to the Farallon Islands, or south to Half Moon Bay.

Please board the vessel at 5 AMEVERYONE MUST BE ON BOARD WITH A CURRENT CALIFORNIA SPORTFISHING LICENSE TO CHECK IN NO LATER THAN 5:15 AM. We depart as soon as all anglers are on the boat and checked in.  Advance reservations are required. We usually return no later than 4 PM.

When are the best times to go fishing in Northern California?

Bay Area Fishing Calendar

Salmon - 
Mid-April - the end of October
(Limit 2)
King (chinook) salmon can weigh between 5 and 50 lbs. Salmon are most abundant during the summer months with our largest fish often being caught after Labor Day.

Call 415-458-8700 for specific details and pricing.

The San Francisco Bay area has long been one of the best places to fish for salmon in World and the coastline along Marin County has long been a hot area to fish for salmon during the height of the salmon season. Boats based in Sausalito have the fastest access to the fishing grounds, as far as Point Reyes to the North, the Farallon Islands to the west or Half Moon Bay to the south. Limits of king salmon (two fish per fishermen) must meet the minimum size regulations. During peak fishing times, we do our best to hit limits. The salmon season in the Bay Area usually runs from April through October, as determined by the Federal and State fishery managers.

We are one of the few boats that ice our fish.

Call us at 415-458-8700 to reserve your spot on the boat or to book a charter or to find out more.